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My latest movie is no longer available for viewing.
For some reason it has been removed from YouTube.
But you can still see my contribution to it.
Let me know what you think.

Mr Cuckoo.

The first painting of 2014 just been hung in my gallery, just tap the picture!

Last year The Fisherpond Great House
in Barbados hosted a charity event in support
of the local charity, Jenna Trust. To raise
money an auction is held and this year about
$400,000 was collected. I had offered to donate
my two portraits of Sir Cliff Richard, a regular;
visitor to the island and the Fisherpond; he
was consulted by the organisers and the 'young'
Cliff portrait was selected for the auction.
I can proudly report that it raised


for the trust.

The British Society in Amsterdam has honoured
me with a multi-page spread about me and my painting. See it here .
My Elvis concert is still available.

Concert Silvarouvres.

Jolly Roger

For all pirate radio fans some history, click the Jolly Roger

Mike is The King

Some of the songs I have written, including the one which was recorded by Focus back in the '70's, and one of the Elvis songs I did for a CD I made.

Click Private Eye to see my cartoons
the Philistines turned down!

Some of the acting work I've done over the years.

At last we can reveal what really happened to Elvis!


Missing People

Where are the members of the 85th Entry, RAF No. 1 STT? Please help us trace them!

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Klaus Jürgen-Fischer

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